Organizations are healthier when everyone feels understood, is fully engaged and works together. True Colors is a transformative personal development process for employees and administrators that can also be shared with everyone.


True Colors is a global consulting and training company with a proven model for maximizing organizational performance through better people performance. For more than 40 years, our user-friendly personality typing program has helped people of all ages understand and recognize their differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict.


Our mission is to improve the performance of government and nonprofit organizations by helping professionals better understand themselves, each other and to value all of our unique differences. Coveted as the industry’s most impactful, engaging and easy to implement system, we help organizations of all types and sizes achieve better people performance.

True Colors teaches a language for understanding individual personality traits and provides a framework for applying new communication techniques. We distill complex personality assessment and learning theory into a user-friendly and practical tool that can be applied to virtually all environments.

Our customized programs—supported with expert trainers, online assessments and robust learning materials—can be seamlessly integrated into your current professional development programs.


You have two options: The True Colors methodology and programs are presented by Certified True Colors Facilitators. Or government or nonprofit professionals and key staff members can become trained as Certified True Colors Facilitators to deliver the True Colors methodology to others.


Engaging, interactive and practical for organizations of all sizes, True Colors workshops lead participants through our temperament methodology. Participants learn how their unique personality affects their professional and personal relationships. These insights can be very powerful, especially as the success of an organization that depends on effective communication and collaboration.

Personal Success Workshop

The Personal Success Workshop is the foundation of the True Colors system. Once completed, organizations can choose to build upon what they have learned by continuing their True Colors journey through Advanced Workshops which explore specific areas in more depth.

Team Building

Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems, and increases collaboration. This engaging workshop explores the nuances of effective team building and helps departments build more effective teams.

Conflict Navigation

Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can stop productivity in its tracks. This workshop explores the many facets of conflict and empowers employees with strategies to navigate conflict. These insights allow organizations to achieve a culture that values differences and embraces acceptance, resulting in reduced conflict.


Understanding the distinctive ways each personality type approaches communication is key to understanding one another. This dynamic workshop helps everyone improve all facets of communication. Participants will learn how to improve verbal/non-verbal communication, written communication, listening skills and how to reduce barriers to clear communication.

Teaching & Learning Styles

Just as everyone has a unique personality, each person also has a preferred learning style. Using a proven methodology, we help participants understand different learning styles so they can develop effective teaching methods to address the learning needs of each individual. The Teaching and Learning Styles training provides key information and strategies for anyone involved in educational programs.

True Parenting

True Consultative Selling goes beyond relationship building. In a complex sales relationship, it is necessary to inspire, guide, and influence your customers. To do this effectively we must use different skill sets and competencies to understand how each customer will behave or respond to different situations throughout the selling process. A deep understanding of their needs, wants, goals and objectives will help you strategically influence the sales conversation.


“A tool that was trialed and became the standard for our program is True Colors. Participants connected quickly and easily with the principles of True Colors and reported that they felt it easier to understand than the MBTi. True Colors was chosen for a number of reasons, including the ability to easily self-administer the assessment along with individuals’ immediate connection to the principles covered by the tool.

The social nature of the instrument also provided an appropriate lead into the curriculum to follow, which involved working extensively with others, either individually or in teams. In addition, the True Colors tool was simpler and less expensive to administer.”

Dr. Frank Herron,
Assistant Superintendent Red Lion Area School District,
Red Lion, PA.


For Staff Members

For staff members, True Colors enhances:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Employee engagement
  • Communication skills
  • Respect & trust building
  • Understanding and appreciation of differences

Management & HR Professionals

For management and HR professionals,
True Colors helps you:

  • Motivate and inspire people
  • Enhance collaborative relationships
  • Make people development a priority
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build a strong, cohesive team
  • Cultivate skills to move your agenda forward


Is Your Talent Thriving?

The best leaders know that high-performing talent is their most valued asset. While finding and keeping the best people can be difficult, keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued, remains among their most pressing challenges.

One of the biggest barriers to employees thriving at work is their ability to independently navigate personnel issues. In fact, research shows that almost 60-80% of all difficulties within organizations stem from strained relationships between employees.

At True Colors, we believe effective communication is the key to healthy employee relationships. Effective communication requires understanding personal biases, active listening, and tailoring the delivery of messages to each situation. Investing in your organization’s communication skills positively impacts engagement, productivity, turnover, and performance.

True Colors teaches entire organizations how to communicate more effectively and how to apply these techniques for maximum impact. And we do it cost-effectively and quickly.